Geoffrey Crothall

On the banks of the Mekong; Kratié ferry dock, Cambodia, January 2013

My career has been somewhat disjointed, spanning several decades, several continents and several different media, but the one constant has been the writing. The aim of this website is simply to bring together as much of that writing as possible, or at least a representative sample of it, in one place.

Here you will find examples of my China journalism in the 1980s and 90s, my travel book Why did the White Fella Climb the Rock: God, Chaos and Colonialism, published in 2006, an introduction to as yet my unpublished novel, The Games, examples of my work as Communications Director at the workers’ rights organisation China Labour Bulletin, and my one venture into academic writing, Images of Regeneration: film propaganda and the British slum clearance campaign, 1933-38, published in 1999.

The front page provides a platform for my more recent writing, including essays on my travels and reflections on books, films and television shows.

Much of the older material is not freely available on the internet but I have provided links to it where possible. I obviously do not hold the copyright for the material I have written for others but the examples reproduced here are done so with the assumption of fair use and tolerance.

For more information about any of the material on this website, please contact me at [email protected]